Saturday, 14 September 2013

Bingo! Not just for large groups anymore!

You don't just have to play Bingo as a class to use the Bingo cards.  Here are a couple ideas of how you can use the Bingo game cards to reinforce concepts.

Give the bingo cards out in advance and let the students have time to find all of the answers.  
Why it's great?
-It allows more time for processing
-Allows everyone to be involved
-Shows you they understand
-Gives them incentive to play
-Applicable to so many bingo games (sounds, animals, coins, etc.)

Give the students a card and the game pieces and have them sort and match
Why it's great?
-Gives a different tactile approach
-Students can play by themselves (great if the buses are cancelled!)
-Little learners can work on matching shapes and identifying small differences
-Applicable to so many bingo games
-Can use this method with centers

Don't get me wrong, it's still so much fun to yell out "Bingo!" and win a prize, but you don't have to keep those bingo cards tucked away until it's time to play!

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