Meme Generator Fun

I didn't think I'd be posting the day before school starts.  I'm feeling pretty good about how things are going, so I was playing around on MemeGenerator.  I've seen a few teachers on Pinterest with some memes.  It is SO easy - just pick your meme, type and save the picture.   Hopefully my students think these are funny:

And if they don't think they're funny:

I should get bonus points for two Sean Bean memes :)
If you start tomorrow like I do have a great first day!


  1. I LOVE these!! hahaha.. I am sure your students got a kick out of them!

  2. Awesome. Was brought here by Pinterest. Love the "ain't nobody got time for that" one. I hate having to remind students to get their bellwork started!

  3. These are great! Careful with that last one; there's a gun reflected in the sunglasses. (I know this is an old post, so this probably doesn't help, lol!)


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