Too Old for Coloring Contests? I don't think so!

This new semester I have been blessed with some wonderful classes - Grade 11 University Physics and two Grade 10 Academic Science classes.  It is my dream semester!  Whoever has been doing the scheduling has been really kind to me and I am so thankful!

We don't really have a ton of time to celebrate holidays throughout the school year, but Valentine's Day is a fun one in Science class. 

If you can't fit in an inquiry experiment on dyeing flowers, or aren't currently teaching about the cardiovascular system, why not have some fun like the elementary teachers are having by decorating your door, sending some Valentine's Day cards, or coming up with cheesy Science pick-up lines (be careful with this one, some of these are quite saucy!)

Myself, I'll definitely be incorporating my favorite coloring contest.  When I presented it to my students (15-17 year olds) they were SO EXCITED for a coloring contest!  It was adorable.  It's like they haven't had a chance to color in a decade!  It shows you're never too old for a coloring contest.  
I can't wait to see what they come up with.  These kids are bright too... one colored the girl's hair blonde and then asked what color hair my husband has. ;)

Happy Valentine's Day!


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