An Inspired Sunday!

I always check the TpT Newsletter every Sunday morning, even before I get out of bed.  Today Pink Cat Studio was featured with this adorable free game.  Amazing!
Just sooo stinkin' cute!

So I thought, "I have to learn how to do this".  I thought she had programmed the whole thing using visual basic, but she said she just used PowerPoint.  At least I didn't have to learn a new programming language!

After skimming through a few very dry tutorials on YouTube and after a lot of play here is what I made, using Pink Cat Studio's dino clip art set :)

A pterodactyl swoops in...

 Here is the game board.  Each time you click a dinosaur it moves forward until the finish line (except, a meteorite crashes into the dinosaur right before it gets to the finish line.  Morbid? Maybe.  But it is funny!)
Pterry the Pterodactyl is my fave character.
 The questions appear when "Question" is clicked and the same goes for the answer.  If they kids get the answer wrong I can move on to the next question.  If they get it right then I can jump to the race page and update the race.

It is so cool!  I am super proud that I figured out how to do this... when I could have been marking :P  Sorry kids, at least you'll get some sweet review if you don't get your marks by Thursday!


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