What's Scarier Than Real Skeletons in Your Classroom?

Happy Halloween!
Re-constructed skeletons from our owl pellet dissection
Okay, so they're only rodent skeletons, but it still adds a spooky touch to the classroom!  I'm glad I don't have the really scary Science things in my classroom like real human skeleton, biological specimens including preserved scorpions, millipedes and a two-headed fetal pig (seriously!) or the scariest thing of all: students with bad behaviors! 

If you've never done an owl pellet dissection - what are you waiting for?!  It's so much fun!

I love Halloween!  I love that I can get dressed up and go to work (couldn't really do that in an office).  Some of my favorite costumes of mine from years past are Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory (we totally look and act alike - I am nice to EVERYBODY!) and a radioactive zombie Marie Curie (I'm Polish, so that's extra special).  I was in a bind this year - I just had surgery on my eyelid, so I had to factor in glasses and stitches.  Some of my Grade 12 Physics students came up with the costume idea: Captain Hooke's Law - Captain Hook with an eye patch and springs everywhere!  We have been learning about elastic potential energy so they definitely got brownie points for that idea! :)

Want a great Science-Health connection?  Bring in candy wrappers and have your students calculate how many grams of sugar they ate on Halloween night!  The best part: have them measure our that amount of sugar on a scale!  YIKES!


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