Another Test Review Strategy

Ultimately it doesn't matter if you print off the suggested test review questions, have the students write them down in their agenda, put it on their test review outline, email it to them and have them write it down on their hand - they're going to lose it!  

What has been working well for me this semester is making brightly colored bookmarks with the test review questions.  The students slip these right into their textbook and can keep them there for exam review as well.  The kids also benefited from the page numbers for the answers on the first test.  

I color-code my units (yep, I'm that type) so the students know which bookmark belongs to each unit.  I print 6 on a page, so it doesn't use that much expensive beautiful paper.  Use a cute font and the kids will love it!  Well, as much as they can love doing test review questions.

Also, before our second round of units tests the students kept begging asking politely if I would make the test review posters again.  Check my blog post about them here.

Off to mark!

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  1. I love the idea of using brightly colored bookmarks for test review questions! It's a practical and visually engaging method that seems effective in helping students stay organized and prepared. Wondering if similar creative strategies could be applied to coursework writing service materials for a more interactive and enjoyable learning experience?


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