Gifts for the Science Geek

This weekend I've got quite the to-do list:  all sorts of stuff to do for the Yearbook, 5 class sets of marking, a bit of planning and cleaning and decorating the house for Christmas.  But the thing I dread doing the most this weekend is making my Christmas list!

My nucleus family doesn't buy each other Christmas gifts, and we haven't for YEARS - but since I've been with Mr. Brosseau things have changed.  I don't mind buying gifts for others, but I having the hardest time thinking of things for myself!

Maybe you have a Science Geek like me in your family.  Here are some ideas of presents to get for them this holiday season :)

Wood Periodic Table Clock - Baltic Birch Plywood

Periodic Table Geeky  Nap Pillow -  Chemistry Elements  -  Black Cotton Embroidered
Periodic Table Non-Metals Coasters, Set of 7 in Bamboo

This Etsy shop has SO many cool and nerdy posters.  I could buy them all!
All Four in One 11x14 Print -  Silhouette Scientists Art Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Michio Kaku, Brian Cox Inspirational Sience Quotes

11x14 Science Art Marie Curie Rock Star Scientist Steampunk Print Radioactive Radiation Radioactivity Geek Scientific Educational Diagram

So many incredible posters from meganlee on Etsy!

Elements - Experiments in Character Design Flash Cards (small)
Element Flash Cards which I previously blogged about here and relates to my freebie on TpT.

Periodic Table Full Magnetic Set Geeky Science Gift

DNA earrings silver leverbacks gift for science dangle earrings

Antique Periodic Element from Periodic Table - Vintage Geekery Gifts for Teachers Science Art Typographic Print Science Gifts Science Nerd

If Mr. Brosseau would let me, I'd have these all framed and displayed in our basement!

I have this on my keychain for school!  The kids always seem to ask me why I have an elephant on my keys :P
Brain Cell

Still searching?  If those suggestions weren't enough, and the Science Geek in your life is a teacher, why not get them a TpT gift card, or pay for their purchases from the HUGE Cyber Monday Sale going on Dec. 2-3, 2013!

I will have 28% off my entire TpT Store when you use the code: CYBER

Happy shopping!

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