Add a Little Extra Christmas Cheer in Math & Science Class This Week

Hi all!
As we get closer and closer to Christmas, and the students are excited it might be hard to keep their attention.  My strategy: unit tests in the last two weeks.  Added bonus: I can take all Christmas Break to mark them and not feel any guilt about handing them back after 2 weeks!
Your strategy might include some Christmas games this coming week.
Here are some ideas:

Science Carols:

 Paper Airplane Crash Course:
 Minute to Win It:
 Festive Density Column:
 Egg Drop Down the Chimney:
 To the Moon and Back:

All of these can be found in my Winter Freebie here.

If you teach Math, I will have my Money Math - Christmas Adding Coins Bingo on sale this week.  It has everything you need - just print and play!  There are 30 cards in both the USD and CAD versions.  Check them out!

American Version
 Canadian Version
Good luck this last week before the break - you can do it!

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