Some of my top resource selections for the Half Way There Sale - 20% off!

So excited to be teaming up with other amazing secondary teacher-authors for a Half Way There Sale Dec. 31-Jan. 1!  I'll be offering 20% off my store.  Check it out!

There are some really cool resources in this bunch.  Here are a few of my favorites!

Oh, Jon... still so yum.

Use this link to be able to click on all the participating stores: Half Way There Sale

Mad Science Lessons
Space Interactive Notebook Pages
Not enough people appreciate space, in my opinion.  I've seen it being glossed over soooo many times.  Mad Science Lessons has some awesome space stuff so you won't have to spend hours prepping it.  Oh, Buy A Fine General Knowledge Material!  Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

The Morehouse Magic
Dragon Genetics - Fun Review Activity
This is such a rad resource.  Use it for your little ones, or tie it in with Game of Thrones for your big kids to identify which dragon is not a legitimate heir to the dragon throne.  Black of scales, black of scales... golden scales?!

Addie Williams
Latitude & Longitude Task Cards
This is way too cute not to snatch up if you're teaching about latitude and longitude.  Gnomes!!! 
How fun!

Science Stuff
Metric Measurement Task Cards, Grades 6-12, Set of 90 cards
If I could be President of Earth for a day, I'd have everyone convert to metric (I'm talking to you, USA, Burma and Liberia).  Science Stuff can help with my first decree.  Also, McDonalds breakfast should be served all day.  

Getting Nerdy with Mel & Gerdy
Frog Dissection Interactive Science Notebook Frog Anatomy
So the last time I did frog dissections I was pregnant.  This is way better than the real thing if only for the lack of nausea.  Plus it's cool and the kiddos can color.  Also: way cheaper than buying a frog!

All Things Algebra
All Things Algebra - My Entire Algebra I Curriculum!
If I had to start fresh teaching an Algebra course, I think I'd just buy All Things Algebra's entire curriculum and save hundreds of hours.  Then I'd have time to read the entire Game of Thrones series... and not just read spoilers and theories on reddit.

21st Century Math
Person Puzzle: eBook - 32 Topics, 32 Worksheets
Do you ever want your kids to learn more than just your subject.  Like one time I wanted to teach space, but also had to teach kids to tie their shoes.  This is so cool.  You teach your topics and then the kids learn about awesome people as they practice.  Worth every penny.

Danielle Knight - Study All Knight
Is That Sarcasm? Including Irony, Satire, and Parody
I think I need this lesson... for myself.

Mrs. Brosseau's Binder

You want these Academic Conversations posters, placemats and flipbook.  They are awesome for every course.  Trust me.  I mean, you scrolled down this far, so you must trust me, right?  

I've got more awesome stuff to grab before you head back to school.  Some real time-savers and growing bundles that'll save you time and money in the long run.

Come and get it!

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