Space Week & One of my New Fave Games!

I'm loving Space Week!!
Scroll Down to find out where to get this get and how to customize it!

Check out Space Center Houston:
 It is just so cool!  Once Mr. Brosseau and I have some kiddies I definitely want to bring them back here to play in the giant Angry Birds play area and give them a chance to be brave and climb to the top of those green pillars.
 There is other really neat stuff there too, like animals, all sorts of space suits, sing-alongs and cool memorabilia.  

But the games, oh the games!  They make me wish I was ten years old again!

With the amount of games I play in my high school courses you might think I'm a ten year old.  I posted earlier this week about my Freebie Astronomy Terms Domino Puzzle, here is another game that I just love!  It's from Gina Wilson at All Things Algebra.  She's got lots of games for math but when the Koosh Ball Game Template went up for sale I snatched it up.  What a time saver!  

Kids throw a Koosh Ball (or in my case, the Slingshot Monkey or a dollar store ball that looks like Earth) at the SmartBoard and it gives them their question. Don't have a SmartBoard?  No worries, I also used it just on the pull-down screen and I click where they hit.  And if they miss - too bad ;)

It's really easy to type in your questions and answers.  It's very cute how there is applause once the answer is revealed.  Now because it's space week I will show you how to edit Gina's game for your subject.  It's so easy!  

Open up the file, this is the trickiest part ;)

Select the object you want to change, and click Fill then Picture

Select the picture you want to use

Beautiful, but let's remove the outline

Click on Outline and select No Outline

Repeat and Voila!  I used smaller celestial objects for the higher point values.  Not to scale, certainly, but more in that direction.

Just remember now that you've personalized Gina's game doesn't mean you can go and sell your version of her work! 

Check it out, I think you'll like it!

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