Space Week, Some Inspiration and an Elementary Teacher trapped in the body of a Secondary Teacher

If you ever get the chance, check out NASA in Houston and throw down the $90 for the Level 9 tour.  Here are some of the really cool things I was able to geek out about while on my tour:

Saturn V Rocket

Space Shuttle Simulator

Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory

An astronaut training in the pool

Lunch, included!  Definitely not space food!

Mission Control Center, watching the ISS travel above the Pacific coastline

Now if you're wanting to do some celestial mechanics calculations, you may want to know the equations involved.  Here is a great editable Physics Formula Folder!  

It has over 100 formulae/equations that get my students through Grade 11 and Grade 12 Physics, but because it's editable you can change the variables and even add another custom column.  Such a time saver (I know... it took me a couple days to type in all those equations!)

I turn it into Folders for the kids to use during tests.  They love it because they get the equations. I love it because they don't even realize that I now have test dividers! ;)

Finally, are you in a summer slump?  I certainly am not - I'm inspired, but whenever I need a pick-me-up I can count on Taylor Mali.  His incredible YouTube video on What Teachers Make has been turned into a comic by Zen Pencils: Zen Pencils - What Teachers Make.  There is some inappropriate language and visuals, so make sure there are no kiddies around :)

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