10 Learning Goal Tips + FREEBIE

Here are some tips for using learning goals in your classroom:

1. Have the students write them down.  It sets the tone and makes them responsible for their learning, but mostly it makes them open their binder before class starts. ;)

2. Date the goal.  That way all goals can be tracked and they'll know if they are missing a day.

3. Model the process.  Use a learning goal page for yourself and show the kids how they should go about writing and reflecting.

4. Give options for how to accomplish the goal if they didn't in class.  Some kids will say "I don't know what to do" if you don't give them tips like going online or asking a friend for help.

5. Get them to use a tracker often.  During class it should be accessible as well as during homework time.  This way if they have any questions and you're not around they won't forget the question.

6. Write down the goal from their perspective. Them copying "I will be able to..." is much more powerful than you writing "You will learn how...".

7. Choose language that they will understand...

8. ...but is still is technical and relates to the course.  If they don't know "equation" from "expression" then this is another avenue for them to differentiate the two.  Hehe... "differentiate" in a sentence about math :)

9.  Sometimes, let them make the goals.  On some days, give the students their note or lesson first and have them come up with what their goal should be.  With your guidance, have them come up with a goal that is specific and measurable.  You may have to help them with verbs like describe, explain, identify... but that's where a Bloom's Taxonomy resource like this one will help out:

10.  Finally, and most importantly. Photocopy the learning goal trackers onto bright, colorful paper.  I can't stress this enough!  If you know me personally, you know how much I value color in students' binders.  If you want them to use it, never lose it and refer to it often then you'd better offer it on some colorful paper.  I use bright green for Biology, bright blue for Astronomy, bright yellow for Electricity and bright pink for Chemistry in Grade 9 Science.  In addition to the learning goal page, other really important documents (newsletters, test outlines, project rubrics, etc.) are copied in the same color for that unit.

If you're ready to start using a learning goal tracker, start with my editable version at my TpT store.  It's free! 
Just let me know if you like it in the ratings and comments section ;)

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  1. Thank you so much! Have a great night!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. These are great tips for using learning goals in the classroom, and they can be applied to business assignment writing as well. Encouraging students to take ownership of their learning, set specific goals, and use colorful paper for important documents can make a significant difference in their engagement and success.

    Thanks for sharing these helpful strategies!


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