Optics Task Cards & Back To School Sale!

Brosseau Sprout is now 3 days late, but this has allowed me time to finish my Optics Task Card Set!


68 Cards with student worksheets and full solutions! 
Topics: Electromagnetic Spectrum, Light Production (Types of Luminescence), Reflection (Plane/Flat Mirrors), Curved Mirrors (Ray Drawing Diagrams for Concave and Convex Mirrors), Refraction and Total Internal Reflection, Lenses (Ray Drawing Diagrams for Converging and Diverging Lenses), The Eye (Focusing Problems, Hyperopia, Myopia)


Now, you probably already know that Teachers  Pay Teachers Back-to-School Sale is on right now.  Use code: BTS14 for 28% off my entire store!

Here are some other exceptional resources for Back-to-School from my friends and collaborators at Cross Curricular Corner.  


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