Amazing & Free Chemistry Resources for Teaching Elements

I stumbled across this website, Compound Interest, today because of an infographic that popped up on my Facebook feed.  It contains amazing infographics for all sorts of things from the chemistry of fireworks, to cosmetics to bacon aroma - yum!

It truly is a great site with high resolution images, a store to buy the posters (I think I will do that when I return from maternity leave!) and a downloads section.  

I think it is incredibly kind of the graphic artists to let you download their work.  Even better, for the infographics on the chemical groups (families) they even include a teacher version!  How much fun would it be to get the students to research elements and their properties with hand outs that look like this?!  I could only dream of being able to create something so beautiful for my class!

Thank you, Compound Interest, for making such incredible educational infographics!

Of course, you can also download the FREE Elements: Experiments in Character - PowerPoint to Introduce the Periodic Table from my TpT shop!

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