A Fun Way to Review the Cell Cycle & Mitosis

I am always looking for ways to help my students understand and remember the facts.  Yes, I definitely understand that this is the lowest rung of the Bloom's Taxonomy ladder, but how can you get to the next rung without the first one?  (Now I am thinking about proof by induction... yep. I'm a nerd.)

I love making puzzles, games and manipulatives and my students love it too.  It is something different than their textbooks and notes and can trigger a different reaction in their understanding.  I do this a lot with new vocabulary - especially in the general science courses.  The students love the option of playing with a domino puzzle to help them with new terminology.  The Naming Compounds Spinner has proven to be so valuable in helping students name ionic and simple molecular compounds.

So I thought of the Cell Cycle and Mitosis.  How can I ask deeper thinking questions about mitosis if they don't know what is happening in each stage?  I came up with the Cell Cycle Spinner to help with that.  But then I thought - why not cut it up and make it a puzzle the students have to put together?  And what about the students that lose everything?  Well, let's just glue that in their binder and make it a note as well.  Here it is:

There are 10 variations of this resource.  Five of them are meant for general science and include interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase and cytokinesis.  Another 5 versions also include prometaphase for the more advanced Biology classes.  
Some variations have colours, some have text and some don't include the chromosomes so the students have an opportunity to draw those in themselves.  It's a great resource if I do say so myself!

Check it out and enjoy!

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