Help for New Physics Teachers

To the new Physics teacher, or the new-to-Physics teacher:

Welcome to teaching Physics.  I'm so happy you’re here. 😊

Teaching Physics has been an adventure for me, and I know it will be for you too.

I wanted to share a resource I made for new Physics teachers (or new-to-Physics teachers).  It's a 67-page workbook that will help new Physics teachers: 

1. feel more confident in their first years

2. plan and pace their course

3. prepare for labs by taking inventory.

There's lots of other teaching tips and ideas included.

I think it can be useful for Physical Science teachers too, though not all the units will be listed since this was specifically made for Physics.

Before I give you the link to the LIFT OFF workbook which will help you navigate your first years as a Physics teacher, I just wanted to let you know... 

you’re going to make a difference in these students’ lives.  We Physics teachers have a lot of opportunities to inspire students.

So let’s get to it!

As promised here's the sign-up form to get the LIFT OFF workbook in your inbox.  There are questions and activities within the workbook, so print it if you can.  I'll also send you additional files you can download to help you along the way. Those will be sent via a OneDrive link to a folder, so you can easily preview and download multiple files.


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