Planning and Pacing Guide for Physics

 If you're a new Physics teacher, or a new-to-Physics teacher, you're probably wondering 

  • Which units should I teach?
  • What order should I teach the units in?
  • Is there a unit I should start with?
  • How should I order the lessons?
  • What labs can be done in this unit?
  • Are there demos I can perform?
  • Where do projects ties in?  

If you're wondering any of those things, I've developed a FREE resource to help you plan and pace your Physics course!
It includes
  • considerations for ordering units (some work great as introductory units, others, not so much)
  • sample units orders
  • lesson sequences for the units
  • special teaching notes
  • ideas for Physics labs, demos, and projects.
It's all free, with two versions: a PDF for easy printing and a Word file for easy editing.


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