Critical Thinking Assignment: The "March Madness" Style debate

One of my favorite research projects is a "March Madness" style debate

Here are some topic ideas:

  • Who was the most influential Physicist of all time? (spice it up by removing Einstein and Newton as contenders)
  • Which Physics technology has had the greatest impact (positive or negative) on society? (Or take a green angle and focus on the environment)
  • Which global environmental issue requires the most funding/attention in next year?

These are topics that can be easily switched up for Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, A&P, Environmental Science.


Students choose a topic and research and CURATE that research down to half a page. Create a randomized bracket, have the students share their work - then the students vote! 

I'm not the type of person who loves debates, so I keep things light and remind the students they've voting for the topic - not the student.

Bonus tip:

I have the students submit their work a day or two before they present. That way they know the performance of their topic does not affect their grade.


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Why you'll love this:

  • Students get deep knowledge in one topic
  • Critical thinking: students can't just copy and paste their research - they need to curate that research down to the most important parts 
  • Low-prep activity 
  • Students work independently yet all students benefit, learning from one another's research
  • Quick & easy grading for us
  • AMAZING discussions - the student audience in my class tends to get involved to add to the debate



Mrs. Brosseau's Binder


P.S. To avoid repeated topics, I have students go on Google Classroom and comment on a post to select their topics "first named, first claimed".



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